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Your Security and Protection Specialists
BGA provides a personalised security service that covers a wide range of services from Close Protection to Investigations in both national and international arenas. A synopsis of these services is as follows:

Close Protection Service
Over the past 20 years, BGA has provided Close Protection Services to royalty, political figures, business executives, celebrities and sports personalities. We pride ourselves in being able to place clients in the hands of Close Protection agents "Bodyguards" recognized for their competence and loyalty, thus ensuring our client's peace of mind at all times. BGA's management team has over 40 years combined experience in the Executive Protection

Bodyguard Agency - Your Security and Protection Specialists

industry and are available to our clients 24 hours a day.

Risk Assessments
BGA's comprehensive risk assessments form the basis of our business offering, which is paramount in establishing the correct Client Risk Profile. Risk specific mitigation and reduction strategies are identified and recommended, based on global best practices.  We endeavor to ensure and sustain client legal compliance, business continuity and quality of life within an integrated risk management framework.

BGA offers tailored investigation packages for both the corporate and private sector to suit each client’s specific requirements. These packages include:
  • Background checks
  • Due diligence and forensic auditing
  • Comprehensive intelligence analysis
Training, Assessments and Job Placement
BGA has a fully-fledged training academy. The BGA Academy was established to train, conduct refresher training, and assess Protectors and Security Personnel in the security industry. The BGA Academy focuses primarily on:
  • Close Protection Training: Enabling candidates to start a career in the Close Protection "Bodyguard" industry.
  • Corporate Training: Training corporate and private sector security managers and staff.
  • Assessments: BGA conducts comprehensive evaluations of our clients Close Protection Teams to ensure continued compliance with Company expectations.
General Security and Additional Services
  • Country Risk Profiling and Travel Advisory Services
  • Integrated security assessments of commercial, residential and industrial premises.
  • Special Events Security Services
Bodyguard Agency - Close Protection Services To Royalty, Political Figures, Business Executives, Celebrities, VIPs and Sports Personalities

Bodyguard Agency - VIP, Executive, Close Protection Security and Travel Services

Bodyguard Agency - Integrated Security Assessments Of Commercial, Residential and Industrial Premises. Installation Of Technical Security Systems. Special Events Security


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