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What is in a Bodyguard's


A bodyguard's "go-bag" is packed at all times, on task or at home. It allows the bodyguard to deploy at a moment's notice to the farthest reaches of the world knowing that they have the kit and equipment to last several days.
A go-bag is normally a shoulder carried back pack / day sack - small enough to use as carryon baggage, large enough to hold the following list:
  • Cash - Home currency and USD ($), the bodyguard won't always know where he/she will end up, USD can be put to use almost anywhere, but home currency cannot (unless it happens to be USD).
  • Credit card(s) with a good limit.
  • Passport(s) (professional bodyguard's may have more than one passport and will try and keep one free of stamps or visas)
  • Quad band dual-sim mobile phone (or a cheap mobile that will hold foreign sim cards)
  • Solar powered charger with multiple adapters (for phone, laptop etc.)
  • Travel plug
  • Watch (capable of displaying different time zones without the need for manual adjustment)
  • Compact first aid kit including: headache tablets, antiseptic cream, mosquito repellant, antihistamine, and sunblock.
  • Purification tablets
  • Compass
  • Compact torch, good quality.
  • Lighter
  • Wash kit (ensure aerosols / liquids adhere to airport quantity restrictions)
  • Sewing kit
  • Lightweight blanket
  • Note book and pen
  • Laptop + Data Stick (8+ Gb)
  • Camera
  • Three pairs socks / underwear
  • Spare shirt
  • Boot polish
  • Lightweight spray jacket
  • Small umbrella
  • GPS
  • Spare batteries
Hostile Environment Equipment Considerations
  • Slim line molle plate carrier and ballistic internal liner
  • Minimum Level III Ballistic plates
  • Single point sling (will attach to most assault rifles)
  • Grab bags (minimal trauma kit, survival kit, emergency comms)
Bodyguards will always pack their go-bag with the assumption they will be boarding a plane and will be subject to the standard security checks. All baggage is usually plain civilian styling, no military style bags. Nothing on the baggage will identify the bodyguard's nationality (such as patches / badges of flags etc.) All items will be padlocked. All identification will be on the bodyguard, not in the baggage, including copies of this documentation.

This list is just an example of what can be carried, different bodyguards favour different configurations and it is also task dependent.  The list was extracted from the CP TAM Close Protection Book on Facebook.

What is in a Bodyguard's


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