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No Shortcuts


By Hucky Austin A large number of people contact me daily about getting into the Executive Protection (Bodyguard) business. At the risk of bursting bubbles, I must tell you this: There ... continue reading  ›

Increasing your value as an Executive Protection Professional


By Doug Belton There are no elaborate schemes or formulas for earning more in executive protection; it really comes down to a single thing. Never cut your rates. As simple as this one t... continue reading  ›

How Important are Surveillance Skills for CPO's?


How important are surveillance skills for close protection officers? In my opinion quality counter and anti surveillance is the best defence against hostile action and in many cases it'... continue reading  ›

Getting Started in Executive Protection


How to gain experience through non-conventional avenues. You've got your training what now? You get your first phone call for work and the person on the other end says "tell me about yo... continue reading  ›

Executive Protection Planning


By Douglas Belton It has been almost two years since the Mubai terrorist attacks which claimed the lives of 173 people.  Two of the attack sites, the Taj Mahol, and the The Oberoi ... continue reading  ›

Advice to Entry Level Individuals Looking for E.P. Training


"There are so many individuals out there right now, as the Recession and the economy are hurting all business, to include the E.P. business, who are offering training as an additional avenue for reven... continue reading  ›

What is in a Bodyguard's


A bodyguard's "go-bag" is packed at all times, on task or at home. It allows the bodyguard to deploy at a moment's notice to the farthest reaches of the world knowing that they have the kit and equipm... continue reading  ›

Labanon: Lessons from 2 Assassinations


By Scott Stewart On Oct. 19, Lebanese Brig. Gen. Wissam al-Hassan was assassinated on a narrow side street near Sassine Square in downtown Beirut. The attack involved the detonation of ... continue reading  ›

Interpersonal skills for security professionals


You paid thousands of dollars for training and thousands more on equipment, firearms and clothing. Add in the cost of travel, hotels, meals, time off of work and other expenses and you are finally qua... continue reading  ›

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