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Event Security

BGA has over 15 years' experience in managing security and safety operations at International events on the African continent and abroad. We have the expertise and capacity to expedite any project from a concert to sporting event to an exhibition or community type event. BGA' range of event security services include access control, crowd management, stewarding, parking control and reaction teams.

Over and above the provision of manned guarding at special events, BGA is well equipped to provide an overarching event safety, security and risk management advisory services to our clients. All aspects regarding Safety and Disaster Management are evaluated, and a policy document developed to successfully manage the Safety of the event.

BGA have the expertise to develop an integrated, event specific, safety and security framework for each occasion and will interact with all relevant safety and security stakeholders. We will supervise, guide and facilitate the implementation of these programs to ensure the safety and security of employees, visitors, sponsors, contractors, dignitaries and all other stakeholders in the unlikely event of an emergency.

BGA are committed to developing a customized event solution, no matter how big or small and will take all "reasonable steps" to prevent potential risks from materialising in harm or loss, thereby ensuring that we both meet and exceed our obligations to our clients.


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