BGA Training Modules

BGA offers a wide variety of training modules to both individuals and corporate clients. All our training aims to enhance the security of our clients and work towards a safer environment for all. Course modules offered;

Basic Self-defence (1 Day)
The basic self-defence course develops self-confidence in individuals, enabling them to avoid and escape a potentially life threatening situation. It gives students practical training and a basic understanding of strikes and counter-measures they could utilise.

Threat Awareness (Half Day)
This module trains students on day-to-day awareness and recognition of threats. We teach you how to recognise the threat and implement immediate counter measures.

Surviving Hazardous Situations (Half Day)
Once you realise you have missed the opportunity to recognise a threat and it is now too late, we teach you how to respond to, and survive, the situation.

Vehicle Hijack Avoidance (Half Day)
Hijack avoidance enables the student to recognise a potential carjacking and avoid, or deal with, this threatening situation.

Security Driver Training (3 Days)
This is the training of dedicated drivers responsible for the transfer of business executives or important dignitaries on a daily basis, and the security and protocol requirements relating to this function.

Protocol & Etiquette (3 Hours)
This subject is of the utmost importance when working with business executives and officials, and aims to ensure a more professional, quality service.

Defensive Driving (2 Days)
Defensive driving instructs you to become a better driver, to avoid accidents, and enhances your vehicle control in hazardous situations.

Convoy Driving (2 Days)
This module trains security drivers who may be required to drive in convoy with other security drivers working in teams on security details.

Advanced Driving (2 Days)
Advanced driving is the skill associated with the full utilisation of a vehicle's features to protect the passengers and escape an unsafe situation. It involves the understanding of vehicle dynamics and the driver's ability to avoid dangerous situations.


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