Bodyguard Agency - VIP, Executive Protection

A short history of BGA 
BGA was formed by a core team of industry specialists after more than two decades of providing Close Protection services to clients in South Africa and abroad. This specialised Close Protection Service introduces an internationally recognised "Protector" assessment tool and world first online protector booking service.
Bodyguard Agency - BGA Revolutionises Close Protection Industry

BGA's Vision
Our vision is to continue to expand our international network of Strategic Partners who share our vision of restoring integrity, dignity and professionalism to the Close Protection industry and growing our global database of "accredited" Protectors that have been assessed using our internationally recognized assessment tool.
BGA's revolutionary online booking service
BGA has developed an online Close Protection booking portal, aimed at providing our select clientele with the services of the elite Protection Specialists "Bodyguards" currently operating in the international arena. This online booking service has revolutionised the way Protectors are sourced, via a confidential, secure and easy-to-use online portal. All Protectors are evaluated by an
independent panel of Close Protection specialists and only appear on the database if they meet the critical criteria determined by this panel. Integrity and quality are assured.
What sets BGA apart?
BGA supplies elite Executive Protection Officers to a select clientele. Our unique relationship with our Executive Protection Officers and our revolutionary online booking service sets us apart in the industry.
Bodyguard Agency - Corporate Video


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