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The BGA Route Builder Service
When a security detail embarks on their advance work, the most time consuming aspect for the team,
Introducing BGA Route Builder

aside from the actual reconnaissance, is the compilation of the linear map documentation of the areas being visited. For this reason BGA has developed a "Route Recce Tool" which enables protectors to halve the time spent compiling these documents. This application also ensures that all maps are created according to a standard format internationally.
What is a "Route Recce?"
Route Reconnaissance refers to the collection of information about an area of operation along a specific route. A route or linear map is the resulting document of the area reconnoitered and is
also referred to as a strip map or route recce.

A linear map is an un-scaled drawing of the route to be travelled that includes critical points along that route. This map is designed to assist security details/drivers by indicating time, distance, potential threats, roadside features, towns and other facilities on a simple flip-over style map of the route to be covered.
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